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  • Notes on Statements Made After White House, Congressional Leaders Meeting Late Wednesday

    Republican House Speaker John Boehner made remarks first, coming out of the White House after a meeting with President Obama. Boehner said President Obama reiterated that he would not "negotiate" -- question is, of course, on what?

    Senator Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi followed Boehner out of the White House to give the media remarks on behalf of the House and Senate Democrats.

    Senator Reid, rebuffing Boehner's comments, says they offered Boehner the option of going to conference on federal budget, spending, agriculture, parks, healthcare, "anything." Reid says Boehner sought a short-term continuing resolution solution, but Reid is looking for a long-term solution.

    House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi follows Reid, giving a bit of history on the federal budget negotiations which have been ongoing since March of 2013. Rep. Pelosi says the current Republican proposal on the federal spending is "far too low." Pelosi: "I can only conclude that they want the government shut down."

    Reid, speaking again, adds that he will be happy to work with Speaker Boehner on a continuing resolution but that he is tired of "playing these little games" with Obamacare. Reid: "we are locked in tight on Obamacare."

    Switching between topics, Pelosi spoke again: "we should take debt ceiling debate off the table... no president should be held hostage... closing the government is bad... Every bill... is subject to passing in Congress... [Republicans] have every opportunity... to make whatever changes they want [on the Affordable Care Act]" outside of negotiating federal spending and the debt limit.

    In final remarks, Rep. Pelosi said that House Democrats are willing to accept the $988 billion spending budget number that House Republicans propose, despite it being "too low" -- but Democrats are unwilling to accept the repeal or de-funding in any manner of the Affordable Care Act.
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