Live discussion with Sebastian Coe |
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Live discussion with Sebastian Coe

A live chat with the head of the organising committee for the London 2012 Olympics

  • Seb Coe will be joining us at 1600 GMT on Friday to talk about his Olympic experience in Vancouver, what London 2012 can learn from these Winter Games and anything else Olympic.

    Send your questions in here in advance and we'll get them ready for Seb, who will be visiting the Reuters office at the Main Press Centre in Vancouver.
  • If athletics are so deserving of the Olympic Stadium (when built), why is Crystal Palace in the state it is?
  • Thanks Lee. For those of us on the live blog version, I'll post in the comments we hvae lined up from the main post:
  • Citiboy asked: "London had better brace itself for negative press coverage all round the world. The British media has been dishing it out to all and sundry – Atlanta, Athens and Vancouver. Revenge is a dish best served cold..."
  • Jezz asked: "I have been pretty embarrassed by our poor showing here in Vancouver, Amy Williams aside (i’m afraid her sole success will be used to mask an otherwise dismal showing)
    We have pumped a fair bit of money into supporting the summer athletes, tho Canada have shown it’s no guarantee of success here in the winter version, but woeful funding of our winter athletes means we will continue to rank =last in the winter games :*("
  • Paul asked: "Its to be hoped that the tickets are available to the actual people who want to go and see the olympics, and not all bought up by ticket touts wanting to make a fast buck on them.
    It is getting to a stage where the only way you can get a tickets to any gig or big sporting event is to buy them off Ebay for quadruple or even five times the actual face value, which is just plain wrong.
    How are you going to ensure that this doesn’t happen when the tickets to the 2012 Olympics go on sale?

    Because I can imagine it now, I personally would love to see our opening ceremony but i can see tickets being very limited and sold out within minutes, with no doubt tens of thousands of them going straight on Ebay for 10 to 20 times the actual value, I do not want to pay thousands of pounds for a ticket that should be a fraction of the price."
  • Lord Coe, Would you please explain how you propose the Olympic Stadium will pay for itself after the Olymics have finished. The current plans to reduce the stadium from 80,000 seater to 25,000 seater in order to hold a handful of annual Athletic meetings are a complete waste of tax payers money. Why can't the stadium be left for use as a football stadium to bring in income for tax payers and an Athletics stadium be built elswhere (there are several other options) to avoid a huge "White Elephant"!
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