Lady Thatcher's Funeral |

Lady Thatcher's Funeral

  • Good morning, and welcome to our live coverage of the funeral of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, which takes place in London today. Britain's first - and only - female PM died on April 8 aged 87.
  • The Number 10 Downing Street press office has sent out some figures on today's service:

    • So far more than 2,300 guests have confirmed they will attend the service at St Paul's Cathedral
    • 32 – all of the current Cabinet Ministers and Minister who attend Cabinet are planning to attend
    • Over 50 attendees associated with the Falklands, including veterans
    • Over 30 attendees from Baroness Thatcher’s Cabinets from 1979-1990
    • 2 Heads of State will attend
    • 11 serving Prime Ministers from across the globe attending
    • 17 serving Foreign Ministers from across the globe attending
    • Around 170 countries will be represented by foreign dignitaries (including members of Royal Families; serving Presidents, Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers; former PMs and Presidents; and Heads of Missions)
    • 11 Overseas Territories will be represented
    • 8 horses from the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery will be appearing in the procession - 'Mister Twister' is due to lead the procession
    • The Met police have confirmed over 4,000 police will be on duty
    • 6,650 online condolences received via the No 10 website
    • 36,300 views of photos on Flickr released by Downing Street of items related to Baroness Thatcher and pictures from her time as Prime Minister
    • 1.2 million views to the Prime Minister's Facebook content following the death of Lady Thatcher
    • Over 1,800 media accredited
  • And here's a detailed timeline for the day:

    At 0900 doors open at St Paul’s Cathedral

    By 0930 the Ceremonial Route is closed to all vehicles

    At 0935 the Gun Carriage leaves Wellington Barracks

    At 0945 Street Liners will line the route, made up of personnel from the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, the Army (taken from Household Division) and the Royal Air Force. They are in position by 1005.

    By 1000 guests will be seated at St Paul’s Cathedral

    At 1000 Coffin leaves, by hearse, the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft. The coffin is dressed with a Union Flag. Three Metropolitan Police Service motorcycles will travel in front of the hearse. An (unmarked) police car will travel behind the hearse.

    By 1015 the Coffin will have been placed in St Clement Danes Church by civilian pall bearers.

    At 1015 the Lord Speaker, Mr Speaker and the Prime Minister are shown to their seats

    At 1015 the Guard of Honour deploys to St Paul’s Church Yard.

    At 1020 the Gun Carriage will take up position at St Clement Danes.

    At 1020 the Procession Band and Escort Party will take up position at St Clement Danes.

    At 1025 the tri-Service Bearer Party will carry the Coffin from St Clement Danes Church and place it upon a Gun Carriage of The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery.

    At 1025 the Step Lining Party takes up position on the West Steps.

    At 1033 the Gun Carriage and Bearer Party and Escort Party, led by a Band of the Royal Marines, step off.

    At 1035 the Lord Mayor of the City of London arrives at St Paul’s Cathedral

    At 1040 members of Lady Thatcher’s family arrive at St Paul’s Cathedral.

    At 1045 Choir procession within St Paul’s Cathedral.

    At 1045 hours The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh arrive at St Paul’s Cathedral.

    At 1055 the Gun Carriage arrives at St Paul’s Cathedral

    At 1100 the coffin enters St Paul’s Cathedral and the Funeral Service begins

    At 1155 the Funeral Service ends and the guests depart.

    After 1210 guests begin to arrive at Guildhall under the direction of Military Marshals

    By 1315 the Prime Minister, senior Ministers, The Lord Mayor, members of Lady Thatcher’s immediate family arrive at Guildhall from the reception at Mansion House

    At 1430 The National Anthem is played in each room by military musicians and the reception at Guildhall ends

    From 1430 the events are private and the Government’s involvement ceases
  • Britain stages grand funeral for "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher

    By Andrew Osborn in London

    London will stage its biggest political funeral in almost half a century on Wednesday when Britain's governing elite join the Queen and global leaders to bid farewell to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, better known as the "Iron Lady".

    In an event comparable to that of Winston Churchill's funeral in 1965, Thatcher's coffin will be carried atop a horse-drawn gun carriage through streets lined with admirers, and some detractors, from parliament to the city's most famous cathedral.

    The bells of London's iconic Big Ben clock tower will fall silent for the first time since Churchill's funeral and more than 700 men and women from Britain's armed forces will honour a woman who led them to victory in the 1982 Falklands War as foreign dignitaries from around 170 nations look on.

    Thatcher, who ruled Britain from 1979 to 1990, died on April 8 after suffering a stroke.

    Read on
  • The coffin of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher rests in the Crypt Chapel of St Mary Undercroft, at the Palace of Westminster in London April 16, 2013. REUTERS/Leon Neal/pool

  • Gloria Martin, a supporter of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, wipes her tears as she joins others by the route of the funeral procession at St Paul's Cathedral, in London April 17, 2013. REUTERS/Kevin Coombs

  • Crowds on Fleet St at 9am. To right of shot there was a woman calmly repeating the phrase "burn in hell". #thatcher

    — Iain Dey (@IainDey) April 17, 2013

  • Big Ben has now been silenced, and won't ring again until 1pm.
  • Former prime ministers John Major and Tony Blair have just arrived at St Paul's.
  • Lady Thatcher's coffin, draped in a Union flag, has just been placed in a hearse outside the Chapel of St Mary Undercroft. Three Metropolitan Police Service motorcycles will travel in front of the hearse, with an unmarked car behind.
  • In St Paul's awaiting the start of the funeral service for Lady Thatcher. Watching on the TV her departure from Westminster.

    — Greg Hands (@GregHands) April 17, 2013

  • Crowds lining the route clap as the hearse passes by, and you could also hear the odd cheer. The crowds look to be about six deep.
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