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  • Canvassing with Cassandra on caucus day

    Yvonya White, Hannah Dobie and Ciara Ciez canvas the streets in Des Moines.  
    by cassandra.garrison
    by cassandra.garrison

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    On the streets of Des Moines, volunteers with manila envelopes and political literature could be seen hustling from house to house the day of Iowa's caucus. From the Bernie Sanders headquarters, campaign staffers dispatched volunteers to muster support in neighborhoods with homes of people who couldn't be reached over the phone. Three of those volunteers were Ciara Ciez, Yvonya White and Hannah Dobie, students at Wake Forest University who were assigned to help with the Sanders campaign as part of a political program at their college. 

    by cassandra.garrison

    "As a 22-year-old, a lot of people are saying our generation isn't involved in politics and is apathetic towards the future of our country and our world," Dobie said. "I feel quite the opposite because me and my friends came up here and are getting our hands dirty by knocking on doors and encouraging people to vote for Bernie Sanders.

    The three young women were eager to be a part of the democratic process. only one, White, said she was already a Sanders supporter. 

    "I feel really confident, there are a lot of people working really hard for him," White said. "He's doing a lot of work without the help of these big money businesses and Wall Street.

    As the group traveled from door to door, they received mixed reactions. Many people weren't home to begin with (it was the middle of the afternoon on a Monday, after all). Finally, though.. an elderly man opened his door -- but it wasn't quite the response the students were expecting. 

    by cassandra.garrison

    Later, a stay-at-home mom offered a welcome reception to the trio. Though they won't be able to caucus tonight as out-of-state residents, they all agreed their mission was to encourage others to be involved in politics -- whether they vote for Sanders or not. 

    "He's been making such great progress, he's just really appealing to people. The way he is campaigning is really targeting younger people," Ciez said. 
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