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Egypt Unrest

  • Muslim Brotherhood has suffered a strong blow, the anger "is beyond control now" - Brotherhood spokesman

    The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies have suffered a "very strong blow" from the state security crackdown and they have lost their central coordination, spokesman Gehad El-Haddad says.

    El-Haddad says two leaders of the group were shot during the camp raids on Wednesday, but are not dead "as far as I know". He says he cannot confirm the whereabout of all Brotherhood leaders.

    Referring to the Brotherhood and its allies as an "anti-coup alliance", he says the only way out of the country's deadlock is dialogue based on "constitutional legitimacy", and the Mursi holds the key.

    El-Haddad also says the violent crackdown means anger "is beyond control now".

    (Reporting by Tom Perry and Michael Georgy).
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